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This covers specific setups with MMPs and other platforms.

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Rakuten Postback SetupLearn to post S2S conversions from Rakuten to Everflow
Instapage IntegrationThis article will show you how to pass form submit data from Instapage forms to Everflow.
Keap Integration (formerly Infusionsoft)How to use Email Attribution to send event data from Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) to Everflow.
Klaviyo Form Submit IntegrationHow to track form submits in Everflow using Klaviyo.
Partnerize IntegrationHow to integrate with Partnerize using conversion postbacks.
Tracking data from Webflow to EverflowTracking data from Webflow to Everflow IntegrationThis article will explain how to build the integration between (Sticky) and Everflow
WebForce IntegrationHow to feed data from WebForce into Everflow, and vice versa.
Outbrain Integration GuideSetting up the S2S integration between Everflow and Outbrain.
WebhooksThis article will touch on how to set up webhooks with Everflow for setting up integrations with third-party tech solutions.
Wix IntegrationHow to track conversions from your Wix store in your Everflow dashboard.
SMSEdge IntegrationHow to sync your SMSEdge account with Everflow
Thinkific IntegrationHow to track your online course and membership site activity from Thinkific in Everflow
Zapier - Passing Data Into EverflowPassing your data into Everflow. Learn how to connect your data stack using Zapier to fire postback data into Everflow.