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How to set up Databowl to handle lead distribution and management for Everflow offers

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Databowl is a system designed to give complete control and transparency in the lead buying process. It also gives anyone generating leads a walled garden from which they can collect, track and distribute leads from a single system.

This article will teach you how to easily set up Databowl to handle lead distribution and management for Everflow offers.

Step 1: Add Transaction ID

In Databowl, add a new field such as transactionID so that the Everflow Transaction ID can be submitted with the lead data.

Step 2: Connect To Your Website

Take the setup document and ensure you are passing the Everflow transaction ID to the new field you created.

Step 3: Submit Chat Support Query

Please contact Databowl support via the chat or email to request your custom webhook along with the following details:

  • Campaign name

  • Transaction ID field name (e.g. f_588_transactionID)

  • The lead status you want to fire the conversion on (e.g. Accepted, or Sale)

Step 4: Add Webhook

Databowl will provide you with a custom webhook that you will need to trigger the conversion.

Name the webhook. Paste the URL and check all the desired payload options.

Then, select the lead status on which you want to fire the conversion, and select the campaign it applies to.

Step 5: Test

You should now be set up with your integration. Test your links to ensure it is functioning properly.

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