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How to integrate with ClickFunnels to pass lead and sale data into Everflow

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Overview to ClickFunnels Integrations.

When discussing the topic of ClickFunnels Integrations, this article will demonstrate how to pass lead and sale data, including the sale amount and customer's email address, from ClickFunnels to Everflow.

Note: This integration only works with the original version of ClickFunnels. The newer ClickFunnels v2.0 is not supported with this integration.

Step #1 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

Set up your Advertiser-level Events for Lead(opt in) and Upsell in Everflow.

For more information about setting up Advertiser Level Events - [Click Here]

Step #2 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

When adding or editing an Offer for a ClickFunnels integration, be sure of the following:

  • You have added an Event named Lead(opt in) and Upsell, and you use the Base Conversion to track the sale or purchase under Revenue & Payout. Be sure to tie those to the correct Advertiser Level Events configured in Step #1.

  • Direct Linking is enabled under Tracking & Control.

  • Email Attribution is enabled under Attribution. The Base Conversion, which is the sale or purchase, should be selected as the Associated Event.

  • If you are using redirects, please make sure to append this to the end of the Base Destination URL:


For more information on Offer setup - [Click here]

Step #3 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

  • Navigate to Integrations > E-Commerce and then click Configure next to the ClickFunnels.

Step #4 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

  • Click Add.

Tie the Opt in to the Lead(opt in) Event, the Purchase event to the Base Conversion, and the Upsell event to the Upsell Event.

It should look something like this:

Step #5 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

You will then be shown this pop up:

  • Please follow the instructions there to set up that code and webhook inside your funnel in ClickFunnels.

Step #6 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

  • In ClickFunnels, in the Settings section inside the funnel, place the code from Everflow SDK Script in the Head Tracking Code field on the settings tab.

Step #7 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

  • In Everflow, copy the Webhook URL.

Step #8 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

  • In ClickFunnels, inside the settings page, scroll down to Webhooks and click Manage Your Funnel Webhooks.

Step #9 of ClickFunnels Integrations.

  • In ClickFunnels, click + New Webhook and paste your webhook from Everflow.

  • Then, click Create Funnel Webhook. This is what it should look like:

Please make sure that the Event is "All Events", Version is "1", and the Adaptor is "json".

Please note that you should wait at least 20 minutes for ClickFunnels servers to deploy the code on your funnel before testing the integration.

Refunds Report

  • Navigate to Reporting - Refunds.
    For more information - [Click Here]

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