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Zapier - Passing Data Into Everflow
Zapier - Passing Data Into Everflow

Passing your data into Everflow. Learn how to connect your data stack using Zapier to fire postback data into Everflow.

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Update, July 27, 2023: Everflow is currently beta testing our direct Zapier integration! The Zap is currently invite only; if you have a potential use case for Zapier, please reach out to our Customer Success team to be given access and an overview.

You can use Zapier to pass conversion and event data into Everflow using our postback feature whenever we don't offer an existing integration to serve that purpose.

As long as you know when a conversion or event should fire, it can be passed into Everflow using the webhook structure outlined below. Although this guide will follow a particular example with HubSpot, you can set up any external system to pass data in the same way.

Note: This setup requires a premium Zapier account (starting at $19.99/mo), which gives you access to their Webhook feature.

A How-To Guide With Example of passing your data into Everflow

The best way to understand how to pass your data into Everflow from Zapier is with the following setup example:

You want to receive the Deal Amount from HubSpot when a deal reaches the customer stage (which the current integration doesn't pass).

Here is how to set this up:

Step 1

  • First, connect your HubSpot account in Zapier and choose Updated Deal Stage to create a "Zap". The Zap will fire an event into Everflow whenever the HubSpot deal stage reaches customer, and the Deal Amount will be fired with the event.

Step 2

  • For the second action, 'GET in Webhooks by Zapier', select Event - GET.

Step 3

  • In Everflow, copy your offer's postback conversion URL. (Located on the Tracking Card when Offer is configured with Conversion Method - Server Postback.)

In this use case, you won’t know the Transaction ID. We can still fire postbacks without the Transaction ID or NID. Here is the URL we need to use:

Step 4

  • In Zapier, paste the tracking URL from Step 3 and add the necessary Everflow parameters under Query String Parameters.
    This step is designed for an offer with email attribution enabled (and a partner attributed to that email).

Pasting the tracking URL from step 3 and adding the necessary Everflow parameters under Query String Parameters will fire an event conversion into Everflow for Offer 9 and the associated Event 34. The Event will be attributed to the Partner who sent the click that led to a lead that converted with the user email of, and the associated event amount will be $1000.

Note #1:

if you don't have email attribution enabled - you can hard code a specific affid to receive these events by entering affid = [partner id that should receive credit]

Note #2:

By default, HubSpot deal's don't include the email, but you can work around this with a custom deal field. Simply create a custom field on the deal, and then set up a workflow automation to copy the Contact Email into the new custom deal email field.

Step 5

  • You can skip the remaining sections in Zapier. Click 'continue and test action', and you should receive a conversion if there is a partner attributed to that email.
    (For your first test, we recommend hard-coding an affid to receive this event conversion to make sure it's working properly.)

  • Navigate to Reporting - Conversion. Run the report.

    Check to make sure the event conversion was received and includes all desired data points.

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