This guide will help you to use the partner postback testing feature in the Everflow portal when you want to ensure you are firing the right values to your partner's tracking system and that the postback is implemented properly. 

For instructions on adding your partner's postback to Everflow - [Click Here


A Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1 

Navigate to Partners > Postbacks.

Step #2

Click on the button on the right side of the postback, and select Test.

Your partner should give you a tracking link generated from their system. Move the toggle to "use tracking link provided by the partner," and enter that test link here. 

Step #3

Select the offer you're testing, and then click Continue which will open an additional window to the landing page of the offer.  

Step #4

Go back to the original browser window to find the click details for your test click, and click Continue to fire the postback. 

Lastly, you see the conversion details for your test fire.

Please note that the Duplicate Click filter or Fail Traffic may cause the postback test to fail.



Why didn't my partner receive the postback?

If the postback test was not successful, it is likely due to one or both of the following common mistakes.

 #1: Your partner is not passing their unique click ID to Everflow via their partner tracking link.

#2: You're not passing your partner's unique click ID back to their 3rd party platform via postback. 


Make sure your partners know which parameter to use for sending their click ID to Everflow. It should be the parameter that corresponds with the macro you're using to pass it back to their postback. 

For example, you might instruct your partners to send their click ID using the sub2= parameter, so you could fire back that click ID in their postback using the {sub2} macro, like this:

Partner Tracking Link: https://everflow-demo.servtrk.com/21KL6/D42TR/?sub2=INSERT_CLICK_ID_MACRO

Partner Postback: https://partnerpostback.com/?click_id={sub2}



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