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Testing Partner Postbacks

Learn how to use the portal to test your Partner postback integration.

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This guide will help you to use the partner postback testing feature in the Everflow portal when you want to ensure you are firing the right values to your partner's tracking system and that the postback is implemented properly.

For instructions on adding your partner's postback to Everflow - [Click Here]

HTML pixels cannot be tested using this tool. To test HTML pixels, please make an actual conversion on the offer landing page.

A Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1

  • Navigate to Partners - Postbacks.

  • Click on the button on the right side of the postback, and select Test.

  • Note: For event postback testing, both the base conversion and event postbacks will be fired. If there are multiple postbacks placed for the partner for the same conversion or event (e.g. a global and a specific postback), all the postbacks will be fired.

Step #2A

  • Follow this step if you are using traditional redirect links (NOT Direct Linking). If you are testing an Offer with Direct Linking enabled and using the JS SDK for tracking, skip to Step #2B.

  • Your partner should give you a tracking link generated from their system. Move the toggle to "use tracking link provided by the partner," and enter that test link in the field below.

Step #2B

  • Follow this step if you are testing an Offer with Direct Linking enabled and using the JS SDK for tracking.

  • Make sure the toggle is turned off for Use tracking link provided by the partner.

  • Click on the partner's test link. 
Use a redirect tool or browser extension to see which parameter (either source_id or sub1-5) they are using to pass their unique click ID, and to determine what the click ID value is. Paste that value in the correct field (either source_id or sub1-5).

Step #3

  • Click Test which will initiate the click and conversion generation.

Step #4

  • Lastly, you will see a success message with the transaction and conversion ID(s) of the conversion created. Click on the transaction or conversion ID(s) to see the conversion details.

  • A conversion/event that is created by the postback test tool will have “Everflow Test Postback Tool “ value in adv5.


Error in generating click

If you encounter the error above, check that

  • #1: Your partner's partner tracking and test link match the Offer that the postback or pixel has been placed on (if the Postback Level is "specific").

  • #2: Your partner is passing their unique click ID to Everflow via their partner tracking link.

  • #3: You are not testing on an Offer with the following settings enabled which could cause the error:

Duplicate Click filter

Forwarding Rule

Fail Traffic

Proxy Block

If the Partner provides a test link from a Smart Link

Error in validating postback

If you encounter the error above...

  • #1: Check that the postback has been formatted correctly to pass your partner's unique click ID back to their 3rd party platform.


  • Make sure your partners know which parameter to use for sending their click ID to Everflow. It should be the parameter that corresponds with the macro you're using to pass it back to their postback.

For example, you might instruct your partners to send their click ID using the sub2= parameter, so you could fire back that click ID in their postback using the {sub2} macro, like this:

  • #2: You are not testing on an Offer with the following settings enabled which could cause the error:

    Minimum click to conversion time

    Fail traffic (Pass through)

    Anti-fraud integrations (e.g. 24metrics)

Meta (Facebook) CAPI Troubleshooting

  • To see debug info, you can run a Partner Postback Report. Navigate to Reporting - Partner Postback, and run the report. Then, click the vertical dots on the end of any row to select View Debug Info.

  • For more info about Meta (Facebook) error codes - [Click Here]

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