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Advertiser Level Events
Advertiser Level Events
Create a global advertiser-level event for tracking across multiple offers
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In Everflow, you have the option to create a global event that can be applied across multiple Offers from the same Advertiser. Using a ride sharing example, this means that you can create a single Event for "First Ride" and apply it to multiple different Offers from that particular Advertiser.

Step #1

Navigate to Advertisers - Manage. Click on the name of the Advertiser, then on the Events tab.

Step #2

Click [+ Event].

Step #3

Name your Event, select the status and click Add.

Step #4

Once you have added your Advertiser-level Events, you may apply them to existing and new Offers. You will find a check box to Use Advertiser Event under your Offer - Revenue & Payout. You must name the Event, and then select the Advertiser-level Event from the dropdown to apply it to the Offer, using any revenue/payout or privacy settings you define here.

For a detailed guide on adding Events - [Click Here]

Step #5

Be sure to set up your Event Postbacks on the Advertiser side. For a detailed guide on Advertiser Event Postbacks - [Click Here]


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