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Conversion Method: Server Postback (S2S)
Conversion Method: Server Postback (S2S)

A brief overview of how Server Postback (S2S) tracking works.

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Server Postback (S2S) is a simple Conversion Method that requires the Everflow Transaction ID to be sent to the server, and then a server-side call to be made from that system to Everflow.

In a Server Postback, a Postback URL creates a connection for recording Conversions and Events through generating a unique Transaction ID for each user's click and then returning the successful conversion data.

Server Postback/S2S is typically recommended in any case that the Advertiser/Brand has the ability to fire S2S postbacks, particularly with:

  • app install campaigns

  • ad networks

  • clients using User Management, or another database to track users and their conversions

How a Server Postback Works

1. User clicks on Ad. The user goes through Everflow Tracking Link, and the Click data is recorded by Everflow.

2. Everflow generates a unique Transaction ID to identify the user's Click and passes it to the Advertiser/Brand.

**Please note that this requires the Advertiser/Brand to have a platform that can handle S2S postbacks.

3. When a Conversion happens, the Advertiser/Brand returns the Transaction ID via postback URL (using an automatic HTTPS GET request).

Tracking Advantages of Server Postback

  • Highly accurate, as it does not rely on browser-based tracking (i.e. third-party cookies).

  • Very secure, as Conversions are fired from the Advertiser/Brand's database, not the user's browser.

Advertiser/Brand Setup Example for Server Postback (S2S)

Here is an example of how an Advertiser/Brand setup with S2S tracking works:

  • If the campaign link from the Advertiser/Brand looks like this:

  • Then, in Everflow, your Base Destination URL will look like this in order to send the Transaction ID to their platform:{transaction_id}

  • And your Postback URL implemented on the Advertiser/Brand's side will look like something like this in order for their platform to send the Transaction ID back to Everflow:{s1}

To see a step-by-step guide for setting up Postbacks with your Advertisers - [Click Here]

Partner Postbacks for S2S tracking

You may also use S2S tracking for firing conversions to your Partners' platforms. For a detailed guide on setting up Partner Postbacks - [Click Here]

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