Guides on how to use all features related to Offer setup, management, automation and optimization.

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Offer TemplatesLearn how to create an Offer Template to save you time when creating new Offers.
Smart Links & KPI OptimizationAdding Smart Links (SmartLinks) and setting up KPI Optimization for your Offers
Offer GroupsLearn how to create and manage Offer Groups that share: click, conversion, payout and revenue caps.
A Guide To Creative AssetsHow to set up and edit Simple Creatives (Image, Link, Video) and Complex Creatives (including Email & HTML)
Traffic ControlsRule-based traffic filtering using blacklists or whitelists
Overview of Custom SettingsCustom Settings for Revenue & Payout, Caps, Landing Pages and Creatives.
SmartSwitch - Automatic Optimization and Anti-Fraud ProtectionSmartSwitch allows you to set clear rules for acceptable traffic, that whenever violated, will block traffic, fail traffic, or send alerts.
Bulk Edit for Offers and PartnersEdit multiple Offers or Partners at the same time.