Offer Groups

Learn how to create and manage Offer Groups that share: click, conversion, payout and revenue caps.

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An Offer Group is a group of offers that share a cap. Like any offer-level or custom cap, caps for Offer Groups can be set on clicks, conversions, payout and revenue, and can be applied daily, weekly, monthly or globally. This can be especially useful if an Advertiser assigns a cumulative budgets across multiple campaigns.

Table of Contents

Creating Offer Groups

  • Navigate to Offers - Offer Groups, then click the + Offer Group button.

Managing Offer Groups

  • Navigate to Offers - Offer Groups, then click on the name of the Offer Group. From here, you can view stats, or edit the Offer Group.
    By clicking the Offers tab you can view what offers are in this specific offer group.


  • There are brief reporting stats listed on the Offer Groups overview. Be sure to scroll right to see up-to-date status on multiple data points including revenue and cap progress.

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