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eCommerce Brand: Offer Setup Guide
eCommerce Brand: Offer Setup Guide

A eCommerce brand's guide to setting up Offers, including Revenue & Payout by SKU and using Direct Linking to track Conversions.

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An Offer is a product for which you would like to track performance and Partner earnings.

This guide is specific for Everflow clients with an eCommerce brand/store. To simplify your process for setting up offers, this guide will skip over many fields that we have deemed less relevant for an eCommerce use case.

Please feel free to check out the tool tips within the platform by hovering your mouse over the question mark icons to learn more about each field, or reach out to our support team via in-platform live chat with questions.

A How-To Guide

Creating the Offer

**Please note: Your Customer Success Manager will walk you through the creation of your first Offer during your onboarding stage. To create a new Offer, we recommend that you start by duplicating an existing successful Offer.

To duplicate an Offer, navigate to Offers - Manage > Find an existing Offer - Scroll to right and click on the three vertical dots > Copy. Alternatively, from inside an Offer, you can select Copy from the General card.

Editing the Offer

When you duplicate an Offer, you will start on the General tab for the duplicated Offer. On the General card, click Edit.

If you prefer to create an Offer from scratch instead of duplicating an existing Offer, navigate to Offers - Add.

Setting up an Offer

Complete each of the following steps to properly configure your Offer.

  1. General
    Define the general settings for your Offer.

    • Name

    • Status

    • Advertiser

    • Category

    • Currency

    • Base Destination URL

    • Description

  2. Revenue & Payout
    Define the revenue and payout associated with both the base Conversion (product purchase, etc.) and any associated Events (upsell, page view, newsletter subscription, etc.)

    If you would like to configure Revenue and Payout based on Product SKUs - [Click Here]

    • Revenue: What you will earn from a Conversion of the Offer (Accounts Receivable)

    • Payout: What will be paid to the Partner (Accounts Payable)

    For more information on Revenue & Payout settings - [Click Here]
    For more information on Events - [Click Here]

    For more information on Advertiser-Level Events & Global Event Postbacks - [Click Here]

  3. Tracking & Controls
    Define the settings related to tracking, caps, and partner permissions.
    Please follow the recommendations below if you are using one of Everflow's built-in eCommerce integrations (Shopify, WooCommerce, ClickFunnels, BigCommerce, etc.)

    • Conversion Method
      Select Javascript SDK, and enable the toggle for Direct Linking.

      For more information on Choosing a Conversion Method - [Click Here]

The remaining sections (Attribution, Targeting, Fail Traffic, Creatives, Email), are more broad, and less specific to eCommerce brands. Please refer to these sections of the Getting Started: Offer Setup Guide for assistance.

Next Steps

Once the Offer is set up, you are ready to generate revenue. Depending on your shopping cart, you must complete integration with:

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