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eCommerce Brand - Reporting & Analytics
eCommerce Brand - Reporting & Analytics

A guide to the Offer Report, Click To Conversion Time Report and Dimensional Analytics for eCommerce brands

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Reporting and Analytics tools can give you a clear picture of your program's successes and shortcomings, and help you understand what areas you need to focus on.

There are several reports that are particularly useful for brands, including the Products Report and Refunds Report, but this guide will focus on the Offer Report, Click To Conversion Time Report, and Dimensional Analytics, which are key to managing and optimizing your Partners' campaign performance.

This guide is specific for Everflow clients with an eCommerce brand/store. To simplify your process for setting up offers, this guide will skip over many fields that we have deemed less relevant for an eCommerce use case.

For a full list of available reporting options - [Click Here]

Offer Report

The Offer Report is crucial for breaking down your Partners' performance. For a detailed guide on how to configure your Offer Report - [Click Here]

For a live demo - [Click Here]

  • To access the report, navigate to Reporting - Offer and run your report. Click on any of the clickable data points to expand your view of the data.

  • Click the [ > ] on any row to view the performance by Partner.

Click To Conversion Time Report

Coupon websites and browser extensions are infamous for stealing attribution for eCommerce sales that they had nothing to do with. It's a fairly common practice for shoppers to search for a promo code moments before they finalize a purchase, which inadvertently takes credit away from the partner who actually led the shopper to your store.

The Click To Conversion Time Report allows you to monitor the length of time between a click and a conversion which can help you to establish a baseline for what is "normal" in terms of the attribution you are willing to pay your partners for.

  • Navigate to Reporting - Click To Conversion Time to view a report that displays conversions in time intervals.

  • Click the dropdown menu to display your report in intervals of seconds, minutes, hours or days.

Furthermore, you may define an acceptable length of time between click and conversion by enabling Click To Conversion Time. Conversions fired outside of the defined time window will be rejected.

Dimensional Report

  • To access the report, navigate to Analytics - Dimensional.

  • Choose from the data points available from the Dimensions dropdown.

    For example, if you’re looking to break down Partner performance at the sub ID level, you may choose Sub1 - Sub5 as these are parameters your Partners can use to pass information about their traffic.

  • Choose from the different metrics available from the dropdown such as Clicks, Conversions, EVR, Margin, RPC and more.

    In the example below, using the Conversions and EVR (Event Rate) metrics, you can see clearly that 100% of the 92 conversions on the Women’s Sports Apparel offer were associated with an event.

  • Furthermore, you can click on the data points to drill down for more granular data.

    In the example below, clicking on a specific Partner will show the Analytics specific to that Partner, including the other Offers the Partner is running and their associated Sub1 values.

  • Use the line graphs to visualize how your data is trending.

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