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Enable Click to Conversion Time

Enabling Click To Conversion, defining the time frame in which a click can register a conversion

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The Click-to-Conversion Time feature allows you to configure an acceptable time frame following a click for a base conversion to occur.

Conversions fired outside of the defined time frame will be rejected.

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Please note that the first base Conversion after the initial click must happen within 90 days.

Any Click that does not have an associated Conversion or Event within 90 days can no longer generate a Conversion or Event, regardless of this feature's configuration or lack thereof.

How To Set Up Click-to-Conversion Timing

When adding or editing an Offer, you may enable the Click-to-Conversion Time feature.

  • On the Offer page inside of the Everflow dashboard, click Edit.

  • Click on the Attribution tab.

  • Using the toggle, you may Enable Click-to-Conversion Time (shown below).

If you enable Click-to-Conversion Timing, you have the option to configure either or both of the following options:

Minimum Lookback Window: This option rejects conversions that occur before the specified length of time following when the initial click has lapsed.

Max. Approved Click-to-Conversion Time: This option rejects base conversions that have too large a time window between the initial click and the associated conversion.

In the example shown above, any conversions fired between 1 and 14 seconds after the click occurs will be rejected.

Since the Max. Approved Click-to-Conversion Time is disabled, any conversion fired at least 15 seconds after the click occurs is acceptable based on this configuration.

Please note that if you do not enable this feature, conversions are allowed immediately after the Click occurs and up to 90 days following the initial Click.

Utilizing Click-To-Conversion Time Reports

  • Navigate to Reporting - Click-to-Conversion Time inside of your Everflow dashboard to view a report that displays conversions in time intervals.

  • Use the filters to narrow down your report and click the drop-down menu to display your report in intervals of seconds, minutes, hours, or days.

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