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List of Reporting Options
List of Reporting Options
Complete list of reports with links to detailed articles
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For general information regarding reporting options, navigation and customization of reports - [Click Here]

  • Offer - Performance per Offer; drill down by Partner

  • Partner - Performance per Partner; drill down by Offer

  • Advertiser - Performance per Advertiser; drill down by Offer

  • Smart Link - Performance per Smart Link; drill down by Offer

  • Daily - Performance per day

  • Hourly - Performance per hour

  • Impression - Detailed data per Impression

  • Click - Detailed data per Click

  • Conversion - Detailed data per Conversion

  • Event - Performance per Event, broken down by Offer

  • Pacing - Percentage of Caps (Custom, Offer-Level, Offer Group) used

  • Click To Conversion Time - Amount of time (shown in intervals) between initial click and conversion per Offer; drill down by Partner

  • Partner Postback - Detail per postback fired to Partners

  • Advertiser Postback - Detail per postback received from Advertisers

  • Partner Referrals - Referral commission earned by each Partner

  • Products - Performance per SKU

  • Refunds - Requires integration with WooCommerce, ClickFunnels, and/or Shopify.

  • Conversion Imports - Add conversions manually here

  • Saved & Scheduled - Manage your saved and scheduled reports, or request a report that is too large to load in the Portal


For a detailed guide to options found under Analytics - [Click Here]

  • Dimensional - Review different metrics in one view and break down your view around a selected data point

  • Flex - A pivot table in which you may group and slice data by selecting one or more columns

  • Dynamic Nested - View two layers of data, of your choosing, in one nested view.

  • Cohort - See how two metrics relate to each other over a certain period of time

  • Redirect - If using the Fail Traffic feature, see which Offer sent failed clicks to a subsequent Offer and the performance of those clicks

  • Variance - Easily compare the performance of two different time periods on data points


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