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Getting Started - Reporting & Analytics Options
Getting Started - Reporting & Analytics Options

An overview of reporting options, navigation and customization. Including tools for saving, scheduling and sharing reports.

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This article covers the main features shared across both the Reporting and Analytics sections. Keep these options in mind when customizing reports to meet your needs.

Reporting Features

Date Range

  • Adjust to your desired reporting dates. If you are looking for conversion details over 12 months old please reach out to the Customer Success team.

Filters / Exclusions

  • Add filters to narrow down report results. For example, you might filter for results associated with a specific Offer or Account Manager. Adjacent to the Filters tab, the Exclusions tab will allow you to remove specific results from the report.

Metric Filters

  • The Metrics Filters are thresholds that must be met in order to be included in the report. For example, in the example below, this report would only display data sets with greater than or equal to 1000 clicks and greater than 10 CV during the specified date range.


  • You may select which columns to include, the file format, and dataset when Exporting and downloading a Conversion report.


  • You may select a different currency or time zone in the Settings tab.

Navigating and Customizing Your Report

Most report displays are divided into a summary, a performance graph and the table of data. Within the table of data, you can expand a row by clicking on the arrow.

  • Then, you can click on the data displayed in blue to get a more granular report, as shown below. For even more detail, you can add columns or click on the three vertical dots at the end of a row to make further selections.

  • Click the Metrics button to customize your report by adding and removing the key metrics which are displayed as columns in the report. For more information about metrics - [Click Here]

Saving, Scheduling and Sharing Reports

These basic report management features allow you to save, schedule and share reports.


  • Click the Save button at the top right to maintain your filters and name the report. You can find all saved reports by going to Reports - Saved & Scheduled or by clicking the Load button from a Report display.

For more details on saving reports - [Click Here]


  • Click the Schedule button to automatically run the report based on the schedule you define, and email it to the users you specify.

For more details on scheduling reports - [Click Here]


Use this button to copy the link so you can share the report with your settings and filters with colleagues.

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