Overview of Analytics

Dive deep into your data using advanced analytical tools in the Dimensional, Flex, Dynamic Nested, Cohort, Redirect and Variance reports.

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Updated - Feature Release 3.4.1 (October 2023):

  • The Redirect report now lists the Offer ID and Partner ID, in parentheses, in addition to the Offer and Partner [Click Here]

  • Transaction ID can now be added as a column in the Flex report

  • Exclusion filter ability added for 'Creative' to Flex report

  • Column added for 'Referred By' to Dynamic Nested, Dimensional and Flex reports

  • Column added for 'Zip/Postal Code' to Dimensional and Flex reports

  • Columns added for multiple data points to the Variance report, including:

    • Geolocation columns

    • Device columns

    • Attribution Method

    • Coupon Code

    • Source ID

    • Tracking Domain

    • Category

    • Sub IDs

    • Adv IDs

Updated - Hotfix 3.3.0 (May 2023): "Attribution Method" column added to the Dimensional, Flex, and Dynamic Nested Analytics reports to distinguish First-Touch vs. Last Touch Attribution.


The Analytics section provides meaningful ways to display data that can help you to make critical business decisions based on advanced data analysis.

Below you will find a quick overview of the reports found under Analytics:

For more information about reporting navigation and customization - [Click Here]


The Dimensional Report allows you to review up to five different data points and multiple metrics in one view, with the option to break down your view around a selected data point. This is particularly useful for performance optimization.

To learn more about the Dimensional Report - [Click Here]


Functioning as a pivot table, the Flex Report allows you to flexibly group and slice data by selecting one or more columns. This is useful for building a customized free-form report to view the data in any way you like.

Dynamic Nested

Structured similarly to the Offer Report, the Dynamic Nested Report allows you to view reporting data using a parent-child hierarchy.


The Cohort report offers insights into the performance lifecycle of your traffic. It shows how long after a specific top-level metric (e.g. click) has occurred, another metric (e.g. conversion/event) happens.


The Redirect report provides insights into your Fail Traffic, allowing you to see which Offer sent failed clicks to a subsequent Offer and how the clicks performed.


The Variance report allows you to easily compare the performance between two time periods, based on data points such as Offer, Partner, Account Manager, and Advertiser.

To learn more about the Variance Report - [Click Here]

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