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v3.4.1 Feature Release Notes
v3.4.1 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release 3.4.1: October 2023

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Feature Updates

  • Partner Setup [Details]

    • Internal Notes are now displayed in the Basis tab of the General card of the partner page for greater visibility

  • Partner Invoices [Details]

    • Added ability to add line item adjustments to $0 pre-pay invoices and mark with "unpaid" status

    • Added column for 'Paid Date' to Manage Invoices table overview

  • Analytics [Details]

    • The Redirect report now lists the Offer ID and Partner ID, in parentheses, in addition to the Offer and Partner

    • Column added for 'Transaction ID' to Flex report

    • Exclusion filter ability added for 'Creative' to Flex report

    • Column added for "Referred By" to Dynamic Nested, Dimensional and Flex reports

    • Column added for 'Zip/Postal Code' to Dynamic Nested, Dimensional and Flex reports

    • Columns added for multiple data points to the Variance report, including:

      • Geolocation columns

      • Device columns

      • Attribution Method

      • Coupon Code

      • Source ID

      • Tracking Domain

      • Category

      • Sub IDs

      • Adv IDs

  • Manage Menu [Details]

    • Ability to select multiple advertisers for filtering inside Offers > Manage table overview

    • Added search function and column customization for 'Encoded Value' inside Offers > Manage table overview

    • Added filters for 'Country' and 'Region' inside Partners > Manage table overview

    • Added filter and column customization for 'Payment Terms' inside Partners > Manage table overview

    • Added column customization and export ability for 'Website' inside Partners > Manage table overview

  • Smart Links [Details]

    • The weight redirect mechanism can now be configured at 0% which allows for the offer to remain in the Smart Link without sending traffic to it

  • Traffic Controls [Details]

    • Country name is now a supported variable

  • Offer Setup [Details]

    • Added ability to pass 'Category' into Base Destination URL as a macro

  • Offer Applications [Details]

    • Added columns for 'User Email' and 'Promotional Method' to Partners > Offer Applications table overview

  • Creatives [Details]

    • Instructions edited under Add HTML to better inform users about building from zip files vs. manually building

    • Bulk Edit now supports Field Types: Name, Privacy

  • Webhooks [Details]

    • Added webhook event for Advertiser Signed Up

  • Integrations: Hubspot [Details]

    • Hubspot app optimized for to send webhooks for EU clients to

  • Partner Marketplace Dashboard [Details]

    • Automatic login to partner dashboards now available

    • API Keys for advertiser connections can now be copied individually or exported in bulk

    • API tab added to My Account for displaying the Partner Marketplace Dashboard API Key and blacklisted/whitelisted IP addresses

  • Network Portal: Reporting

    • Column added for 'Zip/Postal Code' to Offer, Partner, Advertiser, Smart Link, Daily, Hourly and Click Reports

  • Partner Portal: Reporting

    • Filters for 'Conversions' and 'Events' added to the Conversion Report

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