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v3.4.2 Feature Release Notes
v3.4.2 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release 3.4.2: November 2023

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Feature Updates

  • Manage Overview

    • Added column customization for 'Traffic Source' inside Partners > Manage table overview

  • Partner Postbacks

    • Introduced a Delay Postback feature that allows server postbacks to be fired with a delay (configured in milliseconds, seconds, or minutes) up to 5 minutes [Details]

    • Added ability to bulk edit for changing status to Deleted [Details]

  • Reporting & Analytics

    • Added ability to pre-select metrics included on certain Scheduled Reports [Details]

    • Added ability to send Scheduled Reports on a quarterly basis [Details]

    • SubID Flex Report access added to expanded sub menus within Offer and Partner Reports [Details]

    • Variance Report now supports export functionality [Details]

  • Scheduled Actions

    • Now supporting revenue/payout changes based on specific variables variables [Details]

  • Custom Settings

    • Added ability to bulk edit for changing status of Custom Landing Pages [Details]

  • Control Center

    • Updated naming conventions for the following network values:

      • ID is now NID

      • Network ID is now Network Identifier

      • Network Displayed Name is now Network Display Name

  • Integrations

    • Added "Try Zapier" to CRM and E-Commerce tabs to facilitate non-native integrations within the platform [Details]

  • Advertiser Feeds

    • Gekko now available

    • OfferTorro now available

  • Marketplace

    • Email sent notifying user of "Pending Connections" updated to include all pending connections

  • Miscellaneous

    • Updated button appearance for adding macro throughout the platform

    • Introduced information boxes to showcase new/updated features

    • User accounts in all portals (Network, Advertiser, & Partner) now include fields for more Instant Messaging handles including Telegram, WhatsApp and Other

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