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Overview of Custom Settings
Overview of Custom Settings

Custom Settings for Revenue & Payout, Caps, Landing Pages and Creatives.

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Updated - Feature Release 3.4.2 (November 2023):

  • Added ability to bulk edit for changing status of Custom Landing Pages [Click Here]

Updated - Feature Release 3.4.0 (September 26, 2023):

  • Downloadable template added for importing multiple Custom Payout & Revenue settings using .csv file [Click Here]

  • Error scanner added to bulk add upload [Click Here]

  • Added ability to export Custom Payout & Revenue settings [Click Here]

Watch A Mini Video On These Updates Below:

Updated - Hotfix Release 3.3.0 (May 2023):

  • Custom Revenue & Payout now supports the "between" comparison method (i.e. apply if the sale amount is between $X and $Y.)

  • Added ability for Network Users to use Bulk Edit to change status to "deleted" for a Custom Cap.

Updated - Feature Release 3.3.0 (May 2, 2023):

  • Custom Landing Pages can be applied based on specific creatives [Click Here]

  • Custom Revenue & Payout can be applied based on the following specifications:

Table of Contents


The Custom Settings tab can be found on the Offers and Partners screens, and the customizations may be applied to Revenue & Payout, Caps, Landing Pages and/or Creatives. The same order of operation applies to creating custom settings in any of those four areas.

*Please Note: If there are two custom settings, the most granular setting will be applied. If there are two exact same custom settings the one created last will be applied.


  • Custom Setting 1: All Partners - Payout $1.50

  • Custom Setting 2: One Specific Partner - Payout $1.00

In this case, Custom Setting 2 would be applied to any conversions from that specific Partner.

A How-To Guide For Custom Payout & Revenue

Watch this short video to learn more about:

- Creating and configuring a custom revenue & payout

Or watch our recent webinar below:

Step #1

  • In the left menu, click Offers - Custom Settings, then click [+ Custom Revenue & Payout].

Step #1A (Copying an existing custom setting)

  • Navigate to Offers - Custom Settings, and then click the vertical dots on the end of any row to copy that custom setting and apply it to another offer or partner.

Step #2

  • Configure the settings and conditions of the custom rule.


Custom Revenue & Payout

  • Use the toggles to Apply Custom Payout or Apply Custom Revenue.

Available revenue types:

Available payout types are:
CPA, CPS, CPM, CPC, CPA+CPS and Percentage of Revenue.

*Please [Click Here] for more details on the payout methods.

Partners Conditions

  • Use the toggle to Apply to all Partners, or you may apply to specific partners.

  • When searching for Available Partners, click the funnel icon to see additional filtering selections.

  • Fire Partner Postback: Use the check mark to specify whether to fire the Partner's postback if a conversion occurs with this custom setting applied.

Offer Conditions

Offer: Choose which Offer(s) this custom setting applies to.

Event: Decide whether you want this custom setting to be applied to the Base Conversion or an Event.

Apply to specific Offer URLs: Decide whether you want this custom setting to be applied only to selected Offer URLs.

Click [Next] to continue to Targeting.

Targeting (Optional)

Apply specific targeting for the custom setting based on:

  • Device Characteristics

  • Geolocation

  • IP Ranges

  • Connection Type

  • Proxy

Example: You're creating a custom setting because you have an Offer targeting the United States, but your payout for traffic in New York and California is different than it is for the other states.

Please Note: These settings will not have any impact on the Offer targeting rules. If you have an Offer that targets the United States and you associate it with a custom payout for Germany, this custom payout will never take effect. The Custom Setting's targeting rules need to be a subset of the Offer targeting rules.

Additional Features

Enable Day Parting: Use the toggle to specify certain days and times that the custom payout and/or revenue will be effective. All conversions outside this selection will receive the default payout/revenue.

For more information on Day Parting - [Click Here]

Click [Next] to continue to Variables.

Variables (Optional)

  • Specify certain incoming Sub IDs, Adv IDs, Source IDs, and Sale Amounts that this Custom Setting should be applied to. Multiple values can be added and must be separated by line.

Click [Next] to continue to Products.

Products (Optional)

  • Specify certain incoming SKUs this Custom Setting should be applied to. Multiple values can be added and must be separated by line.

Click [Add] to save the custom setting.

What If Multiple Custom Payout/Revenue Settings Exist?

If there are multiple custom settings that could logically be applied to a single click/conversion, then Everflow will assess each of them to find one that distinguishes priority based on the following order of specifications:

  1. Greatest Number of Targeting Rules

  2. Greatest Number of Variables

  3. Apply To Specific Affiliate > Applies To All Affiliates

  4. Effective Between Specific Dates > Effective Between: N/A

  5. Most Recently Created

How To Import Custom Revenue & Payout Settings

Navigate to Offers - Custom Settings. On the Payout & Revenue tab, click the vertical dots and select Bulk Add.

Click Download Template to download a template to ensure you upload a proper .csv file. Once you have prepared your .csv file, browse or drag and drop to upload it. Your file will be scanned for errors.

If necessary, fix errors and re-upload your file. When there are no errors, click Import.

CSV - Optional columns include:

  • description

  • public_description

  • status

  • payout_amount (if is_payout_enabled = false)

  • payout_percentage (if is_payout_enabled = false)

  • payout_type (if is_payout_enabled = false)

  • revenue_amount (if is_revenue_enabled = false)

  • revenue_percentage (if is_revenue_enabled = false)

  • revenue_type (if is_revenue_enabled = false)

  • date_valid_from

  • date_valid_to

  • is_apply_all_affiliates

  • affiliates_ids (if is_apply_all_affiliates = false)

  • is_apply_all_offer_urls

  • offer_urls_ids (if is_apply_all_offer_urls = false; separator should be "|" between Offer URL IDs)

  • country_codes

Note: is_payout enabled, is_revenue_enabled, is_postback_enabled, is_apply_all_affiliates and is_apply_all_offer_urls all operate using Boolean logic meaning True=1 and False=0

How To Export Custom Revenue & Payout Settings

Navigate to Offers - Custom Settings. On the Payout & Revenue tab, click the vertical dots and select Export.

Select either CSV or JSON format.


  • Once the Partner/Offer are selected, you can enter custom caps.

Please Note: If there are multiple caps, Everflow will execute based on the first cap reached.


  • If you have an Offer-level cap of 1000 Daily Conversions as well as a Partner-level cap of 600 Daily Conversions, and the Offer-level cap of 1000 conversions is reached before the specific Partner reaches 600 conversions, then that Partner's clicks still become invalid once the Offer-level cap is reached.

Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages allow you to designate a private landing page for a specific Partner and Offer that will override the Base Destination URL set at the Offer level. This means if a click falls into the criteria set on Custom Landing Pages, it will be directed there, instead of the Base Destination URL or Offer URLs.

Watch A Short Video: How To Create Custom Landing Pages

You may apply a custom landing page based on various specifications, including specific creatives and sub ID parameters.

Please Note: that you can append Everflow macros to a Custom Landing Page.

Bulk Edit: Status (Active or Inactive)

Need to change the status of multiple custom landing pages at once?

  • Navigate to Offers - Custom Settings > Landing Pages.

  • Use the checkboxes to select the landing pages for which you would like to edit the status.

  • Click the Actions dropdown and select either Active or Inactive.


Here you can upload and add Custom Creatives to one or more Offers. Only Partners assigned to this custom setting will see the additional creatives.

Watch this short video to learn:

- How to apply Custom settings for multiple Offers and Partners
- How to see Custom Settings' History
- How to Test for Collisions

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