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Configure Targeting for your Offers.

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This article is an overview for configuring precise targeting for your Offers.

Targeting allows you to make your offers available only to users that fit certain criteria. For example, you may want to target Android users only in US, and therefore restrict the offer from any iOS users.

Clicks that do not fit an Offer's targeting criteria are considered Invalid Clicks. Using Fail Traffic, you may automatically redirect these clicks to an Offer for which they are valid. If you do not configure a Fail Traffic solution for your Offer, the Invalid Clicks will result in a blank page.

Targeting Your Offer

  • To find the Offer for which you would like to configure targeting, navigate to Offers - Manage, then click on the Offer.

  • On the General card, click Edit. Then click the Targeting tab.

You can define targeting rules, including:

Device Characteristics & Geolocation

  • Simply click on a rule header and add (whitelist) or subtract (blacklist) them from targeting by clicking either checkmark or \.

Selected rules will appear on the top of the page under the Inclusion/Exclusion Summary.

Please Note:

  • If you need to target more than 200 zip codes, you must send a file to Customer Success by email or live chat which includes the following:

    • Zip Codes (must be a raw text file with 1 zipcode per line; no spaces; only numerical values)

    • Whitelist or blacklist?

    • Offer IDs or Advertiser ID to include the zip code targeting.

    • Clicks that are invalid due to the Zip targeting should be blocked or go to Fail?

  • Precise accuracy is not guaranteed when targeting by zip code.

IP Ranges

  • You can target specific IPs or IP ranges by switching between Exact and Range.

Connection Type

  • Choose between All, WiFi Only, or Mobile Only.


Enabling can prevent User IPs being spoofed to fake a location. Everflow uses Digital Element to determine if any clicks come from well-known proxies.

Additional Features

Day Parting

Day Parting allows you to select certain days and times that the Offer is active. If a click occurs outside of the designated day/time, the user will go to a blank page or Fail Traffic.

  • Simply turn on the toggle and select when you would like the Offer to run.

User Timezone: Selecting this option will refer the timezone of the user to determine eligibility

Selected Timezone: Selecting this option will refer to the timezone of your choice to determine eligibility

Traffic Filtering

  • Select a parameter and fill in the Match Type, Value and Action.

Targeting Resources

Everflow is integrated with the following third-party services:

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