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Invalid Clicks - Identifying and Understanding
Invalid Clicks - Identifying and Understanding

Learn how to use reporting to drill down into your Invalid Clicks and understand why they were marked as invalid.

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Overview: What is an Invalid Click?

An Invalid Click is a click that won't be delivered to the Offer's Destination URL. That click will instead be blocked (sent to a blank page), sent to another destination via Forwarding Rule, or delivered to a backup Fail Traffic Offer.

Here are a few of the many reasons why a click may be treated as an Invalid Click:

Offer has gone over cap

Any targeting rules not met (Country, Device, etc...)

Partner sending traffic was not approved for the offer

Blocked Traffic (SmartSwitch, Traffic Blocking, Suppression Lists)

Blocked IP range

User was instead sent to another destination due to a Forwarding Rule

How to View Individual Invalid Clicks

  • Navigate to Reporting - Click to run the Click Report. Add the columns for Error, Error Message, and Error Code to the report. Invalid Clicks will have a red X in the Error column.

Please Note: Each Error Message is assigned an Error Code. For our Error Code Reference Guide - [Click Here]

How to View and Drill Down Aggregated Invalid Clicks

Step #1

  • Navigate to Reporting - Offer to run the Offer Report. This can also be done with the Partner Report and the Advertiser Report. Here, you can add Invalid Clicks as a metric so that it appears as a column in your report.

Step #2

  • Click on the number in the column to see a Breakdown Chart of the error messages on the Invalid Clicks. The invalid clicks reasons will be display with 2 different graphs

​Step #3

  • To get more detail about specific click reason, go to the click report and click the three vertical dots and select View Click Details to see all the raw data from that click.

The Click Detail page will display the error message at the bottom under Tracking Details.

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