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Prevent fraudulent clicks and conversions through enabling the Anura integration.

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How to Enable your Anura Integration

  • Navigate to Control Center > Integrations. On the Fraud Detection tab, Add Anura, and enter your Instance ID.

Enabling Anura on multiple Offers

  • You can enable Anura on multiple Offers by going to Control Center > Integrations > Fraud Detection tab > Anura > Configure > Add Offers.

Enable or disable the Anura integration on the Offer level.

  • Offers > Manage > Click on name of Offer > tab 4: Attribution and Enable Anura Fraud Detection.

Managing Where The Invalid Click Lands

If the Offer has Fail Traffic enabled, then the Invalid Click will be redirected based on the Fail Traffic configuration.
Please note that the Fail Reason for Anura is "Other", and that you may set up a specific redirect for these types of Invalid Clicks.
If the Offer does not have Fail Traffic enabled, then the Invalid Click will display a blank page.

Pro Tip: A click that is invalidated by Anura will have the following error code and error message: 1018; ANURA_FRAUD_CHECK .


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