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Integrations: IPQualityScore
Integrations: IPQualityScore
Enabling the IPQS integration scores user click data such as IP address, device, email, phone number and complete billing details.
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Adding the Integration

To add the integration with IPQS, navigate to Control Center > Integrations > Fraud Detection tab. Click Add, then enter your API Key.

You can find your API Key in your IPQS account, under Settings & Account Management - Account Settings:

Enabling IPQS Click Thresholds

There are two ways to add the IPQS integration to existing Offers:

  • In bulk: From Control Center > Integrations > IPQS. Click Configure, then Add Offers.

  • When adding or editing an Offer: Enable IPQualityScore Fraud Detection from the tab 4: Attribution.

    • In either case, you’ll need to define a Min Fraud Score and a Min Fraud Score Mobile. If the response from IPQS has a score equal or above your defined minimum scores, the click is deemed invalid. Based on the Offer settings, Invalid Clicks are either sent to Fail Traffic or are Blocked.

**Please note: At this time, Everflow supports IPQS Click Thresholds only.


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