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Process re-billing conversions by integrating your Stripe account.
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Step #1

You will need to track the initial conversion or event to Everflow using either a cookie based method or using server to server tracking. These can be accomplished using our JavaScript SDK or Server Postback url. You must pass the email to our system so that we can match that email up for subsequent Stripe purchase events. This email must be passed in the &email= spot when using a server postback and in the email: spot when using the JavaScript SDK.

You can find documentation on how to use email the JavaScript SDK here.

You can find documentation on how to add email to your server postback here.

Step #2

When adding or editing an Offer for a Stripe integration, be sure of the following:

  • Email Attribution is enabled, and the re-bill is selected as the Associated Event.

  • Allow Duplicate Events is enabled.

For more information on Offer setup - [Click here]

Step #3

Navigate to Control Center - Integrations > E-Commerce, then click Add next to the Stripe integration.

Step #4

Click Add.

Step #5

From the Stripe Account drop-down, select + Add Stripe Account.

Step #6

Login to your Stripe account and navigate to Developers - API Keys.

Step #7

Click + Create Restricted Key.

Step #8

Name the key, and then enable access as follows:

Charges : Read

Customers : Read

Orders : Read

SKUs : Read

Webhook Endpoints : Write

Click Create Key, and then copy your new API key.

Step #9

Go back to Everflow, enter an Account Name and paste your new API key from Stripe, then Save.

Step #10

Select the Offer and Event, then click Add.

Please note that you can also select Advertiser as the Target using a Global Advertiser Level Event. For more information about setting up Advertiser Level Events - [Click here]


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