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Enable Ezepo for managing your shared email suppression lists across all of your partners.

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Ezepo is a third-party tool for managing email suppression lists. You must have an active Ezepo account prior to completing this integration.

For more information about Ezepo - [Click Here]

Table Of Contents

How To Enable Your Ezepo Integration

  • The first step is to navigate to Integrations inside of your Everflow dashboard.

  • Go to the Suppression List tab, Add Ezepo, and then enter your API Key and API Endpoint URL, which can be found in Ezepo Settings on the Third-Party Integration card.

Activating Ezepo At The Offer Level

Step #1

  • When adding or editing an Offer, you will notice a new on/off toggle for Ezepo Enabled on the Email tab, allowing you to enable the feature at the Offer level.

  • Once the Offer is saved, you can view the configuration on the Email card.

Step #2

  • Enable the list in Ezepo to give your Partners access to the Unsub and Download URLs when viewing that Offer in Everflow.

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