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Integrations: UnsubCentral

Enable UnSub Central for managing your shared email suppression lists across all of your Partners.

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Please note that you must have an account with UnsubCentral prior to completing this integration. For more on UnsubCentral - [Click Here]

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Enabling the Integration

  • In UnsubCentral, copy your Tracking Platform Integration Token, which can be found on the Site card, under Settings.

  • In Everflow, navigate to Control Center - Integrations. On the Suppression List tab, Add UnsubCentral. Paste your Tracking Platform Integration Token.

Adding Suppression Lists to Offers

  • Once the integration is complete, click the 3 dots on the Offers card to Add Offers.

  • Select the UnsubCentral Suppression List from the dropdown and move the Offers to which you want to apply that list from the left box to the right box. Save.

Viewing and Editing Suppression Lists

  • Once the configuration is saved, you can view and edit it from the Email tab when editing the Offer.

  • Partners can see the list on the Offer page on the Partner Portal.

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