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AppsFlyer MMP Integration Guide - Advertiser Account
AppsFlyer MMP Integration Guide - Advertiser Account

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process for setting up your mobile tracking with AppsFlyer as an Advertiser account.

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This article is intended for Everflow clients that want to:

  • Set up a direct integration from an advertiser account to Everflow.

AppsFlyer is a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP). Apps use an MMP for their internal attribution data around installs and in-app events, which can then be passed to Everflow through Postbacks.

Step #1

Login to Appsflyer and navigate to Configuration - Integrated Partners.

Step #2

Type "Everflow" into the search box to pull up the integration. Click on the integration.

Step #3

Turn on the toggle to Activate partner. Then, enter the Everflow Domain Placeholder and Aid (Advertiser ID).

To confirm your Everflow Domain Placeholder, navigate to Control Center - Configuration > Domains. Any of your active Conversion Domains will work here.

Aid (Advertiser ID) can be found on the Offer page. Navigate to Offers - Manage, then click on the Offer. The Advertiser ID is the number in parentheses, next to the Advertiser's name.

Step #4

If you would like to track post-install events, you must configure Advertiser Level Events in Everflow first. For instructions on setting up Advertiser Level Events - [Click Here]

Once the events are configured, the Revenue & Payout card when editing the offer should look something like this:

In this example, 33 is correlated to the "Open" event and 32 is correlated to the "Login" event. 33 and 32 are the Advertiser Event IDs.

Step #5

In AppsFlyer, scroll down to In-app event settings, and enter the same Aid and Everflow Domain Placeholder you entered in Step #3.

Then, enter the Advertiser Event IDs to associate them with the AppsFlyer SDK events.

Step #6

Navigate to the Attribution link tab. Select either Use a single-platform link or Use Onelink.

Scroll down and copy your Click attribution link.

Step #7

Paste the link into Everflow under Base Destination URL for the Offer.

Step #8

To test the integration in Everflow:

  1. Navigate to the Tracking Links tab to pull a link.

  2. Use a device that has never downloaded the app before to install and open the app.

  3. Navigate to Reporting - Conversions, and check the report for your install.

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