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Synchronize with Invoca for partner and offer management, and pull the call tracking data into Everflow.

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Updated - Hotfix 3.3.0 (July 2023): Pay Per Call tab added to Control Center > Integrations changes the initiation of the Invoca integration for network users

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How To Initiate Integration

  • Navigate to Control Center - Integrations. Click the Pay Per Call tab and then click Request Connection for Invoca.

You will be prompted to reach out to the Customer Success team via live chat, and to be prepared with the following:

  • Network ID of your account in Invoca

  • OAuth Token from Invoca

  • Once the integration is configured, you will see Invoca Pay Per Call Offer toggle when setting up or editing an Offer.

  • When enabled at the Offer level, an offer with the same name is immediately created in Invoca.
    Please note that you still need to finish offer setup in Invoca.

  • Once the offer is Live in Invoca, an Affiliate Campaign is created in Invoca for each Partner to whom the Offer is visible in Everflow.


Reporting is updated approximately every 5 minutes with data from Invoca for Offers with the integration enabled. Please note that the Payout and Revenue amounts associated with a conversion are pulled from Invoca, meaning that the payout and revenue settings in Everflow are not applied when the integration is enabled at the Offer level.


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