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Unique Session Identifier for Duplicate Clicks
Unique Session Identifier for Duplicate Clicks

How to set up your Unique Session Identifier, which determines how Duplicate Clicks are defined.

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What is a Unique Session Identifier and how is it related to Duplicate Clicks?

Each Offer is required to be configured with a Unique Session Identifier. This is the value that Everflow will use to determine whether to classify a User's click as a "unique" one, or as the alternative: a duplicate. In this article, we contextualize what this means in terms of user experience and reporting.

We allow cookie, GAID, IDFA, IP Address, and IP Address + User Agent to serve as identifiers. We recommend the following settings: 'Cookie', '1' for Session Duration and 'Days' for Time Interval. The length of time indicates how long a click is considered a duplicate click, with the same cookie during that time interval.

Please note that if Cookie is selected, the Session Duration is unlimited, but is subject to the browser's cookie storage rules. If any of the other options are selected, the maximum Session Duration is 180 days/6 months.

Use Case Example

A Session Duration of 24 Hours means that any user who returns to that offer within 24 hours will be shown the offer and allowed to convert, however, a duplicate click within that 24 hour time frame may be blocked or redirected due to the duplicate click filter being enabled.

To prevent the duplicate click from reaching the Offer:

  • Navigate to the Tracking & Controls card of the Offer and click Edit.

  • Turn on the toggle for Enable Duplicate Click Filter and choose whether to block the click or send it to Fail Traffic. Users with blocked clicks will see a dead page, while sending clicks to Fail Traffic allows you to redirect the clicks to a different offer. For more about Fail Traffic - [Click Here]

  • Please note that if you do not enable the duplicate click filter, those clicks will be taken to the Offer and be allowed to convert, and clicks will appear as duplicates in reporting.

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