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Tiered commissions are used to tie a specific payout or revenue increase after a certain amount of conversions, events, gross sales, total payout and total revenue over a certain time period. This will effectively override any custom setting or default payout the Partner has.


A How-To Guide with Example

The example shown here illustrates how to automatically increase the payout by 10% for all Partners who reach 100 conversions in a month for a specific Offer.

Step #1

Navigate to Advertisers - Tiered Commissions. Click + Add Tiered Commission, or Edit an existing one.

Step #2: General

Set the Name, Status, Start and End Dates (optional), and pay close attention to the following:

  • Targeted Entity Type: Tie the configuration to specific Offers or to an Advertiser.
  • Apply to All Partners: Switch this toggle On or Off based on whether you want to apply this configuration to ALL Partners or only to selected Partners.

Click Save.

Step #3: Settings

Define the settings that will apply to the configuration and Save. See below for information about each field.

Time Period

The specific time period to which the configuration applies. Time Periods will be reset at the following times:

- Daily: 00:00:00*

- Weekly: Monday at 00:00:00*

- Monthly: The 1st at 00:00:00*

- Global: Infinite

* Based on timezone configured in Control Center - Configuration or specific timezone associated with Offer Caps (if applicable).


Tie the configuration to one event or all events and associated Goals. Please note that if you selected more than one Offer on the previous page, you will only be able to select All Events here.


Please note that if more than one Goal is selected, ALL conditions must be met before the configuration is applied.

  • Metric: Choose the metric that initiates the configuration (i.e. Conversion refers to number of base conversions.)
  • Add Upper Bound: Set maximum value. For example, if you want to increase your Partner payouts by 10% after their first 10 sales, and then pay them an additional 10% for 25 or more sales:

Then, you would set a Tier as follows:

- Metric: Conversions

- Min. Value: 11 and Max. Value (Upper Bound): 24

- Enable Payout Setting: Increase 10%

And then, set a second Tier as follows:

- Metric: Conversions

- Min. Value: 25

- Enable Payout Setting: Increase 20%

Revenue & Payout

  • Enable Payout/Revenue Setting: Increase or decrease the Payout by a percentage of the Payout or use a flat fee amount which adds or subtracts the amount entered.


*PRO Tip

  • An Adjustment or manually added conversions will count towards the Tiered Commission.



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