Partner Tiers

Partner Tiers allows you to manage your Payouts by setting a margin goal for each group of Partners.

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Updated - Feature Release 3.4.4 (January, 2024):

  • Add "Partner Tiers" to the Filters (under Partners > Manage).

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Partner Tiers provides you with an alternative way to manage Payouts and Offer approval. When Partner Tiers are enabled, payout will be dynamically calculated based on your specified margin percentage (Setting a margin of 30%, will process the payout as 70% of revenue), which overrides the Offer-level default payout. Partners will be automatically approved for offers even if the visibility of the offer is Require Approval or Private.

When enabled, this feature is activated for all of your Partners and each group of Partners needs to be assigned to a tier. New Partners are assigned to the Default Tier, and you are able to manually re-assign your Partners to other Partner Tiers.

Note: If you have at least one Partner Tier set up, keep in mind that partners will be automatically added to the default tier. If you don't want certain partners in the default tier, you'll need to manually remove them.

Use Case Example

You would like to automatically set the margin and Offer approval for two tiers of Partners applied to multiple Offers:

"High Quality" assigned a 10% margin and approved to run Private & Public Offers.

"New Partners" assigned a 30% margin and allowed to run all Public Offers.

Your default Tier will be automatically assigned to new Partners.

Creating a Partner Tier

Step #1

  • First, navigate to Partners - Tiers, and then click the + Add Tier button.

Step #2

  • Name the Tier and define its status, then select the Margin and the Partners you wish to associate with this Tier.

Description: Internal only. Partners will not have access to this field.

Margin: Percentage of the Revenue that will be set aside as your earnings, and the remaining will make up the Partner's Payout. For example:

(OBLIGATORY) Revenue = $1

Margin = 30%

Your Earnings = $0.30 ($1 * .30)

Payout = $0.70 (Revenue - Your Earnings = New Payout)

Another way to calculate the final payout is:

(100% - % Margin) * Revenue = (1 - 0.30) * $1 = $0.70

A Revenue value must be defined for Partner Tiers to function as intended.

Partner tier Payouts change the Payout setting to be a percentage of revenue, and this depends entirely on a Revenue value being present regardless of the offer level default settings.

Available (Partners): Select the Partners you would like added to the Tier.

Available (Partners) Filter: Click the funnel icon in the Search Bar to apply filters for displaying Partners who are not part of a Tier.

Step #3

Once the Tier is saved, you can add Offers to it, and define whether Partners will be automatically approved to run those Offers based on the Tier they are associated with.

  • Navigate to Partners - Tiers, and then click the name of the Tier.

  • Then, click +Add/Edit on the Offers card to select the Offers.

  • Enable/Disable the toggles for Automatically Approve Partners and Apply Margin.

Once the Tier is saved, you can set the default Partner Tier which will automatically be tied to new Partners.

Editing the Partners tied to a Tier

  • Once your Tiers are created, you can add or remove Partners from them by navigating to Partners - Tiers, and then clicking Edit.

  • You can also edit the Partner Tier attached to a Pending or Approved Partner by going to Partners - Manage > Existing/Pending tab > Click on the name of the Partner > General card - Edit.

Adding a Partner Tier to an Offer

Step #1

  • Navigate to Partners - Tiers > Click on the name of the Tier - Add/Edit.

Any non-private Offers available in the network and not added to the Partner Tier will show the default Payouts to Partners

Managing Partner Tiers

  • Navigate to Partners - Tiers > Click on the name of the Tier. Here, you will see the Offer(s) and the Partner(s) to which the Tier is tied.

Advanced Tips

Partner Tiers will override the offer-level default payout. Tiers are in turn overwritten by Custom Payout Settings.

Updates to the "Apply Margin" and "Automatically Approve Partner" toggles in Partner - Partner Tiers > Click on name of the tier > Add/Edit on the Offers card, will override any settings on the Offer level in the Offer Overview.

Partners have no visibility to Partner Tiers. The payout displayed in the Offer overview and in reporting will show the Partner Tier payout based on the margin of the Tier.

Partner Tier filtering in reporting will be based solely on which Partners that are part of the selected Tiers - not on the clicks/conversions applied to the Tier. For example, if Partner A was added to the "High Quality" Tier on June 1, and later you run a report for activity on May 31, then that report will include Partner A's data because they belong to the Tier.

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