A Guide To Payout Priority

Learn how EF determines partner payouts based on hierarchy including Partner Tiers, Custom Settings, Tiered Commissions and User Management

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In Everflow, there are multiple ways a partner payout for a conversion can take form. This guide lists each possibility starting with lowest priority (1. default payout) to highest priority (4. User Management):

1. Default Payout

The most basic form of payout is the default payout. This is the payout set at the offer level, and is applied when there is not another configuration to take precedence.

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The following payout configurations will take the place of the default payout in the order of priority listed below.

2. Partner Tier

If Partner Tiers is enabled, it overrides the default payout set at the offer level and applies a payout based on the configured margin.

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3. Custom Setting / Tiered Commission

If a Custom Setting is enabled, it overrides default and Partner Tier payouts.

Furthermore, if a Tiered Commission is activated, it is applied after the Custom Setting has been applied. In other words, the Tiered Commission is based on the Custom Payout.

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Example: Custom Setting + Tiered Commission

  1. Your offer's Default Payout is $2.

  2. The Custom Payout configured for your partner is $3.

  3. A Tiered Commission is activated which increases the payout by 10%.

The payout will be $3.30 because BOTH the Custom Payout AND the Tiered Commission are applied.

If BOTH of these payout forms are not applicable, but ONE of them is (i.e. ONLY a Custom Setting or ONLY a Tiered Commission), it still overrides both the Default Payout and/or Partner Tier.

4. User Management

If the User Management feature is enabled, it takes precedence over all other payout forms.

Since the feature allows you to track an individual user's activity, it applies changes to the revenue and payout settings associated with that user's conversions.

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