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Offer Revenue & Payout

Understanding the Revenue & Payout setup options inside of your Offers.

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The revenue and payout are the monetary values associated with your base Conversions (i.e. product purchase, app install, lead signup, etc.) and any associated subsequent Events that can be tracked (i.e. upsell purchase, in-app purchase, deposit, etc.)

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Key Points to Understand

It is important to clarify the distinction between Revenue and Payout. Please note that terminology can be confusing because of non-standard use across the market.

  • Revenue refers to what you earn from a Conversion of the Offer (Accounts Receivable)

  • Payout refers to what will be paid to the Partner (Accounts Payable)

A How-To Guide

Step #1

  • Once you have selected an Offer for which to configure revenue and payout, click Edit on the General card.

Step #2

  • Click the Revenue & Payout tab to configure the earning types, define amounts and add multiple conversion events.

Payout and Revenue Types based on Conversions and Events

  • *Revenue per Action/Cost per Action (RPA/CPA): This is a flat payout rate for each conversion or event.

  • *Revenue per Sale/Cost per Sale (RPS/CPS): This takes a set percentage of the total sale to determine the revenue and payout amounts. You will need to pass the sale amount dynamically in the amount parameter of the Offer Postback/JavaScript SDK conversion script/e-commerce integration.

  • *Revenue per Action + Revenue per Sale/Cost per Action + Cost per Sale (RPA + RPS/CPA + CPS): This is a hybrid model consisting of a flat payout and a dynamic payout as a percentage of the sale value.

  • *Percentage of Revenue (PRV): This takes a percentage of the revenue as the payout. For this payout type, the PRV will not be displayed in the Partner Portal under the Offer details.

* = The Payout and Revenue types listed above can also be configured based on Product SKUs. For more details on Price Per Product - [Click Here]

Payout and Revenue Types based on Clicks and Impressions

  • Revenue per Click/Cost per Click (RPC/CPC): This gives a flat payout rate for each click.

  • Revenue per Mille/Cost per Mille(RPM/CPM): This is revenue and cost per 1000 impressions. Please note: The impression package is required to track this. Please reach out to Customer Success for more information.

To learn how to track CPM/CPC media buying cost dynamically - [Click Here]

Please Note:

Any revenue type can be used with another payout type. For example, if you are buying media on CPC, but would like to record total sale value as revenue, you would set Revenue to RPS 100% and Payout to CPC.

More customization options for configuring Revenue and Payout are available via other features:

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