Setting Up Offer Events

Track the customer journey through Offer Events.

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The tutorial below walks through the process of adding Offer Events.

For information about Advertiser Event Postbacks - [Click Here]

What Are Offer Events?

Offer Events are managed within the Offer view and allows you to track things happen in addition to the "Base" Conversion, either before, during, or after. They could be things such as "Purchase", "Registration", "Sale", etc... Each event is basically treated as a separate conversion with its own postback. Specifically, they are found in the "Revenue & Payout" section.

Step #1

Navigating to the Offer

  • To add an Offer Event, first navigate from the dashboard to Offers - Manage.

  • From there you can select an offer by clicking it.

Step #2

Adding the Event

  • Click Edit on the Revenue & Payout card, then click Add Event.

Step #3

Name the event.

  • Enter the event name

Step #4

Private vs. Public

  • Private will hide the event and all its data from the Partner. They will not see it in their dashboard or have any reporting on it.

  • Public will make the event accessible to the Partner. They will see reporting on it and be allowed to get paid for it as well.

Please Note: Private events will NOT fire Partner Postbacks to Partners.

Step #5

Revenue and Payout Types

  • You can choose from a few different revenue and payout types: RPA, RPS, and RPA+RPS. These behave the same way for an Event as they do for a base conversion. Please click here for more details on these types.

  • Click Add.

Step #6

Enforce Caps

  • You can have the Revenue and Payout of the Event be counted toward the Cap on the Offer, Offer Group and Custom Setting level.

  • Please note that Events will only be counted when Enforce Caps is toggled on and there is a cap set on the Revenue and Payout level.

Step #7

  • Click Add, then Save.

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