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Creating & Assigning Advertiser Level Events
Creating & Assigning Advertiser Level Events

How to create global adv-level events for tracking multiple offers, and postbacks to track registrations, sales, retention, purchases, etc.

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In Everflow, you have the option to create a global event that can be applied across multiple Offers from the same Advertiser. Using a ride sharing example, this means that you can create a single Event for "First Ride" and apply it to multiple different Offers from that particular Advertiser.

An Event Postback is used when the Advertiser would like to pass additional events that occur either before or after the base conversion. The event data might include registrations, sales, retention, in-app purchases, etc.

This article walks you through the process of creating Advertiser Level Events and creating Event Postbacks at the Offer level or at the Advertiser level.

Creating Advertiser Level Events

Step #1

  • Navigate to Advertisers - Manage. Click on the name of the Advertiser, then on the Events tab.

Step #2

  • Click [+ Event].

Step #3

  • Name your Event, select the status and click Add.

Assigning Advertiser Level Events To An Offer

Once you have added your Advertiser-Level Event, you may apply it to existing and new Offers.

  • Navigate to Offers - Manage, and click the Offer that you wish to assign the Advertiser Event to.

  • Click Edit on the Revenue & Payout card, then click [ + Add Event ] or click the vertical dots to edit an existing Event. If an Advertiser Event exists, you will find a toggle to Use Advertiser Event.

  • You must name the Event, and then select the Advertiser Event from the dropdown to apply it to the Offer, using any revenue/payout or privacy settings you define here.

For a detailed guide on adding Events - [Click Here]

Advertiser Event Postbacks

Since you have the option to create an event that can be applied to multiple Offers from the same Advertiser, you can also create an Advertiser Event Postback URL.

For example, if you have multiple Offers from the same Advertiser with a "Signup" event, you can create a single event postback URL to which your advertiser can fire ALL Email signups.

  • You can find the URL on your Offer page. Simply scroll down to the Tracking card, and click on the Conversion tab. Select the event (i.e. signup).

An Advertiser Event Postback contains the Advertiser Event ID in the parameter &adv_event_ID=, instead of the individual Event ID from the Offer level.

  • Copy that Postback URL and provide it to your Advertiser so they can fire those events into Everflow.

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