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v2.9.2 Feature Release Notes
v2.9.2 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release 2.9.2 on March 24, 2021

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  • Ability to configure specific notification settings for managed accounts only [Details]

  • Notification sent to Network Employee when a Partner updates their billing [Details]

  • Ability to disable notifications for EverXChange [Details]

  • Facebook Partner Pixel Integration [Details]

  • Base Destination URL can be updated via Bulk Edit using find and replace functionality [Details]

  • Save & Schedule reports available in the Advertiser Portal [Details]

  • Conversion Report now includes a filter for Conversion ID and a new column for Attribution Method

  • Scheduled Reports now available weekly [Details]

  • Traffic Controls now supports User Agent and ISP [Details]

  • Ability to mark invoice as 'Paid' without using the configured Payment Method [Details]

  • Ability to bulk generate and download preview links for creatives in CSV format [Details]

  • Circular redirects are now supported in the Forwarding Rules setup [Details]

  • Revenue is now configurable for Offer and Partner options within Scheduled Actions [Details]

  • Option for removing Partner's ability to update their own postbacks [Details]

  • Offer Application Questionnaire, including ability to require Landing Page and Creative preview links to be submitted for approval, now available [Details]

  • Ability to retroactively update conversions tied to Tiered Commission once threshold is reached [Details]

  • Additional Metrics supported for SmartSwitch KPI rules [Details]

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