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v2.9.0 Feature Release Notes
v2.9.0 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release 2.9.0 on October 20, 2020

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  • Start Date is not required to be reset when editing a Tiered Commission

  • OS Targeting displayed with the correct value in Targeting card on Offer overview

  • Date selector in Partner Portal is now fixed if being viewed on a mobile device

  • Fixed font displayed in Partner Portal in Offer Description field

  • Fixed a sorting issue in the Traffic Blocking section

  • Fixed formatting of ID columns

  • Top search bar is now clickable when viewing search results

  • Fixed reporting values being rounded in the API payload

  • Removed shopping cost from BigCommerce conversion script

  • Advertiser now cannot be set to Pending status after the signup process

  • Missing currency sign added in gross sales card on Dashboard

  • Ability to remove Everflow T&Cs from the advertiser-specific signup page

  • Event values are now included in Partner Referral commission


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