This integration allows you to pass Events, including Advertiser-level Events, from ReCharge into Everflow whenever a subscription action happens.

Please note that prior to completing this integration, that 1) ReCharge must be installed on your Shopify store, and 2) your Everflow instance must already be connected with your Shopify store. For a guide on connecting Shopify - [Click Here]

Step #1

Navigate to Control Center - Integrations > E-Commerce tab. Then, click Add next to the ReCharge integration.

Step #2

Click the Add button.

Step #3

Select your Shopify Store, then click the Login button.

Step #4

You will see a pop-up window like this:

Scroll down and click the Install button.

Step #5

Enable the toggle for Is Enabled, and select either Offer or Advertiser from the Target drop-down.

These choices refer to an Offer-level Event and an Advertiser-level Event. For more information about Advertiser-level Events - [Click Here]

Step #6

Make selections for the required fields.

  • Offer - The Offer to which you want to attribute the ReCharge subscription events.

  • Initial Event - The first subscription event.

  • Recurring Event - This is the recurring subscription event.

Step #7

After saving the integration, be sure to test it by generating a Partner tracking link and initiating a test subscription purchase.

For a detailed guide on generating tracking links - [Click Here]


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