Step #1

When adding or editing an Offer for a Stripe integration, be sure of the following:

  • Email Attribution is enabled, and the re-bill is selected as the Associated Event.
  • Allow Duplicate Events is enabled.

For more information on Offer setup - [Click here]

Step #2

Navigate to Control Center - Integrations > E-Commerce, then click Add next to the Stripe integration.

Step #3

Click Add.

Step #5

From the Stripe Account drop-down, select + Add Stripe Account.

Step #6

Login to your Stripe account and navigate to Developers - API Keys.

Step #7

Click + Create Restricted Key.

Step #8

Name the key, and then enable access as follows:

Charges : Read

Customers : Read

Orders : Read

SKUs : Read

Webhook Endpoints : Write

Click Create Key, and then copy your new API key.

Step #9

Go back to Everflow, enter an Account Name and paste your new API key from Stripe, then Save.

Step #10

Select the Offer and Event, then click Add.

Please note that you can also select Advertiser as the Target using a Global Advertiser Level Event. For more information about setting up Advertiser Level Events - [Click here]



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