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v2.8.2 Feature Release Notes
v2.8.2 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release v2.8.2 on July 16, 2020

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Watch a Webinar on the top features released - [click here for more details]


  • Email Address Attribution available at the offer level (click here for more details)

  • Verification token and updated Offer and Partner ID parameter names are automatically shown in the Everflow JS SDK click and conversion scripts (click here for more details)

  • Ability to configure Forwarding Rules based on Sub ID and Source ID (click here for more details)

  • Option to include Sub ID values and Revenue/Payout Amounts when adding conversions via Reporting > Imports > Add Conversion

  • IP QualityScore settings can be updated via Offers > Manage > Bulk Edit


  • Scroll bar added for Targeting lists with more than 50 rows

  • Generate All Tracking Links button is back on Offer - Tracking Links tab

  • Paypal Reception Method will default to Email

  • Event Caps added to Offer Template and Add Express Offer

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