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v2.8.1 Feature Release Notes
v2.8.1 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release v2.8.1 on June 2, 2020

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Watch a Webinar on the top features released - [click here]



  • Reorganized left-side menu in Partner Portal (click here for more details)

  • Shopify default conversion script updated to remove optional macros

  • “View Advertiser Postback” is now available from Reports - Conversion

  • Select All has been added to the Partner Visibility card in an Offer Overview

  • Tool Tips have been added to the Summary Cards in the Partner Portal

  • Label updates will now be reflected in the History tab

  • EverXChange Feeds updated to clarify default parameters in Base Destination URL (click here for more details)

  • "Media Cost" naming convention updated to "Dynamic CPC/CPM Payout"

  • Updated Error Messages for Pending Conversions from N/A to Pass Through

  • Bulk Edit will now display detailed Error Messages

  • Offer URLs and top-right search bar will detect extra spaces.

  • Optizmo integration updated to work via Offers > Bulk Edit

  • Changed the name of “Proxy Block” toggle in Custom Settings and Forwarding Rules to "Do not apply to proxy traffic"

  • Click Report timeframe selectable for 14 days

  • Error Message will now be displayed if emojis are using in the From or Subject line of the email fields within an Offer

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