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v3.3.0 Feature Release Notes
v3.3.0 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release v3.3.0 on May 2, 2023

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Feature Updates

  • Partner Marketplace: The signup form for new connections is now pre-populated with information fetched from the associated Marketplace Profile [Details]

  • Added the ability to expose Offer URLs in the Advertiser UI, including on the Offer pages and in Reporting & Analytics [Details]

  • Custom Revenue & Payout configurable based on Sale Amount [Details]

  • Custom Revenue & Payout configurable for specific Offer URLs [Details]

  • Custom Landing Pages can be applied based on specific creatives [Details]

  • Scheduled Actions now include Forwarding Rules [Details]

  • Partner/Advertiser Signup Pages have been updated with new styling [Details]

  • Updated overview filters found in the following locations:

    • Offers > Manage

    • Partners > Manage

    • Advertisers > Manage

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