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v2.9.3 Feature Release Notes
v2.9.3 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release 2.9.3 on June 22, 2021

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Feature Updates

  • Conversion Method has been updated in Tracking & Controls [Details]

  • Shopify Integration: Search or filter by Order ID [Details]

  • Link supported as Creative Type [Details]

  • Max duration available for Email Address Attribution [Details]

  • Advertiser Specific Signup Form now supports custom fields, control over Offer visibility and allows removal of Everflow T&Cs [Details]

  • Billing details option for Partner signup [Details]

  • Add zipped suppression file at offer level [Details]

  • Spanish language available for Partner Portal [Details]

  • Coupon Codes can now be imported via CSV [Details]

  • Ability to bulk edit Offer URLs [Details]

  • Ability to target based on zip code [Details]



  • Coupon codes supported for impression tracking [Details]

  • Order ID available as target within Investigator [Details]

  • Multiple selection field available as field type for the Partner signup page [Details]

  • No Traffic is a filter under Partners > Manage

  • PDF bulk export for Quickbooks available for Advertiser invoices

  • Reversal postback now works for Email Address Attribution

  • Ability to copy Base Destination URL during Offer URL creation

  • Conversion Details display includes advertiser postback payload

  • Advertiser Portal includes Dynamic Nested Report (under Analytics)

  • Partner export now includes Labels

  • Custom Settings option for effective between and end date

  • New macros available in Partner Signup Approval Email Template

  • All columns available in dashboard reporting cards

  • Click Report includes download button for reports with >1000 rows

  • Offers can now be sorted by event payout in Partner Portal (displayed as event revenue)

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