Updated - Feature Release 2.9.3 (June 22, 2021): Order ID now available as a “Target” option [Details]

Step #1

Navigate to Investigator. Please note that previous investigations appear as a list on this page. To start new, click + New Investigation.

Step #2

Select the Date Range and Target that you would like to investigate. Any of the following data points can be chosen as the Target:

  • Adv1-5

  • Order ID

  • Referrer

  • Source ID

  • Sub1-5

  • Transaction ID

  • User IP

  • {sub1>SHA1} - If selected, this will un-hash the value from sub1 using SHA1

  • {source_id>SHA1} - If selected, this will un-hash the value from sub1 using SHA1.

Then, enter the value(s) you want to search for under Suspects. You may search for multiple values by adding one to each line as shown below, and you may also narrow down the investigation by filtering for specific Offers and/or Partners.

Step #3

Review your results. If there are many results, then you will need to download a CSV file to view the full report.

Otherwise, the results will appear in the Portal, as shown below.



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