Everflow provides the ability to create a Partner sign up form that pertains only to a single Advertiser and their respective offers.

*IMPORTANT* If a Partner submits an application using this form, they will be approved to all public offers in your UI, as well as all private offers belonging to the specified Advertiser.



Navigate to Advertisers - Manage > Select the Advertiser. At the bottom left, you will see a section named Advertiser Specific Partner Sign Up. Click Create One or Edit.


Step #1

On the Edit Sign Up page mentioned above, you must turn Enable Sign Up to ON and provide the following details.

  • Your URL Identifier: This will appear in the Partner sign up link that is specific to this Advertiser (differentiating it from your standard Partner sign up link URL).
  • Email Support: This will appear in the top right corner of the sign up form, and will be the email address that receives all inquiries.
  • A logo for the Partner sign up page.
  • Terms and Conditions that apply specifically to this program.

Step #2

Press Save in the bottom right corner to view/copy the new sign up URL.


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