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Advertiser Sign Up & Profile Creation
Advertiser Sign Up & Profile Creation

Learn about how to sign up and edit your Marketplace Profile as an Advertiser.

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This guide is designed to demonstrate how to sign up for the Marketplace, and how to fill in and edit your Marketplace profile. All of which you can do directly inside the Everflow platform.

Please Note: Marketplace Signup is not supported on mobile. You must login from your desktop to sign up to the Marketplace.❗

Click the image below to walk through our interactive demo!

Advertiser Sign Up

Click the hamburger icon from the left side menu, and navigate to Marketplace. Then, select Sign Up.

  • Choose "Advertiser Sign Up"

Step 1: General

You will be prompted to fill in:

  • General Information (logo, description, categories, etc.)

  • Contact Information

  • Social Media Links (Optional)

Brand Showcase (Optional)

Turn on the Enable Brand(s) Showcase toggle to add more information about up to five brands and divisions under your umbrella. This is helpful for agencies and companies with sister brands that require space for additional visibility.

Step 2: Program(s)

To provide potential publishing partners with as much information as possible, you can showcase one or more programs in your Marketplace Profile. Program information will be displayed in the Detailed Card once your profile is approved.

To add a Program, simply click [+ Program] and fill in each field.

Click [+ Conversion Event] to add detailed information about each event you credit partners for.

Step 3: EF Match

We encourage you to fill out the EF Match form, as it helps to match advertisers with publishers. The information you provide here also helps the Marketplace team to directly suggest connections.

Step 4: Review

Here, you can check out what your Marketplace Profile will look like once it is approved. The preview cards are interactive and clickable.

Simply click on a previous step (General, Program(s) or EF Match) if you'd like to edit any of the information.

Once you are satisfied, you must agree to the Terms & Conditions box at the bottom of the page and click Submit.

You will receive an email once your profile has been approved and displayed in the Marketplace.

Watch a short video to learn more about:

- How to join Marketplace as an Advertiser
- How to create your profile
- How to manage connections

How To Edit and Request Marketplace Profile Changes

Once your profile is approved, you may edit it directly from the Marketplace.

Click My Profile at the top right corner, then click Edit and make the desired changes. When you reach the Review stage, click Request Changes.

The Marketplace Team will be notified that a request has been made, and you will receive an email update once it has been reviewed.

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