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Publisher Sign Up & Profile Creation

Learn about how to sign up and edit your Marketplace Profile if you are not an Eveflow client.

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This guide is designed to demonstrate how to sign up for the Marketplace, and how to fill in and edit your Marketplace profile. All of which you can do directly inside the Everflow platform.

💡Note: This guide is intended for Publishers who are not using the Everflow platform. 💡

Step 1: General

You can start your registration process through our Partner Form as well.

Fill in general information about your company, including Contact Details. These contacts will be used to keep you updated on any actions taken regarding your account.

Click Submit once satisfied with the form.

Step 2: Verification

Once you have successfully completed the form, you will get a Verification Email. Navigate to Verify Email to proceed.

Step 3: Approval

After email verification, our Marketplace team will review your account. Keep an eye on your inbox to get a confirmation email that your profile was approved.

Step 4: Profile Creation

  • In the approval email, you will be asked to create a password for your new marketplace account:

    • Set up a new password and click "Save Password" when finished.

    • You will then see a prompt to return to the sign in page. Sign in with the email address associated with your account.

Note: You will also be asked to complete Two-Factor Authentication using either Google Authenticator or your phone number.

  • On your first sign-in, you must complete your full marketplace profile before your account can be showcased. Otherwise, your profile will not be visible in the marketplace.

    • Upload your Logo, fill in Detailed Description, and select whether your want to Publicly Share Contact Details.

    • Once done, hit Submit for Review.

Note: You can always edit your profile card and change description or logo.

Click the image or link below to learn more about profile card and profile creation process using our [Marketplace Sign-Up Demo].

How To Edit and Request Marketplace Profile Changes

Once your profile is approved, you may edit it directly from the Marketplace.

Click My Profile at the top right corner, then click Edit and make the desired changes. When you reach the Review stage, click Request Changes.

The Marketplace Team will be notified that a request has been made, and you will receive an email update once it has been reviewed.

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