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Setting Up Offers as an Advertiser
Setting Up Offers as an Advertiser

Learn how to set up an Offer for your Partner to see and/or apply to run your Offer.

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As an Advertiser on our platform, when you're setting up an Offer, it's crucial to understand and correctly configure the privacy settings. These settings control which Partners (also known as Affiliates/Influencers/etc.) can view and run your Offer.

Note: Incorrect settings can prevent your desired Partners from accessing your Offer, potentially impacting your campaign's reach and success.❗

Where to Find Visibility Settings

You can find the visibility settings under the "Tracking & Control" tab in the Offer setup process. This tab is where you manage various aspects of your Offer's visibility and Partner interactions.

💡Quick Tip: "Public" Offers and New Partners💡

Setting your offers to "Public" is the simplest way to grant access to newly accepted Marketplace Partners. "Public" offers are visible to all, but only Partners you've approved can actually promote them. This setting saves you from manually updating each private Offer's visibility settings for new Partners, streamlining your workflow without sacrificing control over who promotes your Offers.

The Three Visibility Settings Explained

  1. Public

    • Description: This is the most open setting.

    • Visibility: All partners can view the Offer details.

    • Access: Partners get access to tracking links/coupon codes as soon as they are added to your program.

    • Important Note: A Partner may not have access to a public Offer if they are blacklisted on the Advertiser level or have been blocked on the offer level.

    • Best for: Offers where you want maximum exposure and are open to working with a wide range of partners.

  2. Private

    • Description: This is the most restrictive setting.

    • Visibility: Your Offer is hidden from all partners.

    • Access: No partners will have access to this Offer unless specifically approved.

    • Important Note: You must manually approve Partners for them to access and run a private offer.

    • Best for: Offers in preparation, testing phases, or when you want to work only with pre-selected partners.

  3. Require Approval

    • Description: This setting gives you more control over who runs your Offer.

    • Visibility: All partners can view the Offer details.

    • Access: Partners must apply to run your Offer. They won't have access to tracking links/coupon codes until their application is approved.

    • Application Process: Partners can submit applications for offers with this setting.

    • Manual Approval: If a Partner hasn't submitted an application but you want to approve them, you can do so at both the Partner level and the Offer level.

    • Best for: When you want to be selective about your Partners, such as preferring those in specific regions, with certain audience demographics, or those who have a proven track record.

Troubleshooting Partner Access

If a Partner reports that they can't see or access an Offer you want them to run, the first thing to check is your visibility settings. Here's what to do:

  1. Go to your Offer setup.

  2. Navigate to the "Tracking & Control" tab.

  3. Look at the "Visibility" section.

  4. Ensure it's set correctly:

    • If it's "Public," check if there is a problem on the Partner's side (if the Partner is blacklisted on the Advertiser level or has been blocked on the Offer level.)

    • If it's "Require Approval," ensure the partner has applied and been approved, or manually approve.

    • If it's "Private," manually approve the partner for the offer.


  • Review your Visibility settings, especially when launching new Offers or changing campaign strategies.

  • If you've approved a Partner under the "Require Approval" setting, but they still can't see the Offer, there might be other issues (they were blacklisted or blocked).

💡By understanding and correctly using these privacy settings, you ensure that your Offers reach the right Partners, enhancing your campaigns' effectiveness and success on our platform.💡

Approving and Rejecting Offer Applications

When the Visibility setting for an Offer is Require Approval, your Partners have the ability to apply for permission to run the Offer.

For more general Offer settings, use our Getting Started - Offer Setup Guide.

Here, we will outline the steps for approving or denying those offer applications.

Please note that Visibility and offer-level T&Cs are configured in the Tracking & Control section of an Offer. If you update a live Offer to Enable Force Partner to Agree to Terms & Conditions (T&Cs), then all Partner links will be invalid until the Partner accepts the T&Cs.

You can access your pending offer applications from the Dashboard from the message at the top of the page.

Or, navigate to Partners - Offer Applications, and either:

  • select the check box for the desired application, and use the drop-down menu to Approve or Reject, or

  • click the vertical dots, and select either Approve or Reject.

Please note that if you approve a Partner with notifications enabled, that partner will receive a notification when you approve or deny their offer application. For more about customizing these email templates for associated notifications - [Click Here].

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