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Email Templates are built in to your platform for automatically notifying Users when certain actions are completed in Everflow.
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Email Templates are built in to your platform for automatic emails which are sent to Users based on certain actions being triggered within the platform.

Accessing and Understanding Email Templates

Navigate to Control Center > Configuration - Email Templates.

You may choose to View or Edit the template by clicking the vertical dots on the far right side of each row. See below for information on editing templates.

Below is an explanation of which action prompts each one to be sent to Users.

Notification - Sent to Network Employees and Partner Users for any generic action in which there is a notification enabled in “My Account”. Also used when scheduled and on-demand reports are ready.

Account Activation - Sent to a new Partner User, Advertiser User or a Network Employee User when a new User account is manually added and password is not pre-assigned.

Password Reset - Sent when "Forgot Password" process is completed from the login page, or from the "Send Password Reset Email" feature in the Network Portal.

Application Status Change - Sent to Partners when an application for an Offer was either approved or not approved.

Partner Signup Approval - Sent when a new Partner's application is approved after using the Partner Sign-Up page.

Partner Signup - Sent when a Partner signs up via the Partner Sign Up link and their application to be a Partner has been received.

Offer Creative - Sent to Partner Users when Network Employees use the “Send by Email” feature in the “Creatives” tab of the Offer.

Offer Share - Sent when the Share button is used from the Offer page (Offers > Manage > Click on the name of the Offer > General card).

Partner Signup Denial - Sent when a new Partner application is denied after using the Partner Sign-Up page.

Advertiser Signup Approval - Sent when an Advertiser signs up via the Advertiser Sign-Up link and their application to be an Advertiser is approved.

Advertiser Signup Denial - Sent when an Advertiser signs up via the Advertiser Sign Up link and their application to be an Advertiser is denied.

Advertiser Signup - Sent when an Advertiser signs up via the Advertiser Sign Up link and their application to be an Advertiser has been received.

Docusign Signature Required - Sent to recipient when a document requires a their signature via Docusign.

Docusign Document Signed - Sent when a document has been signed by the recipient via Docusign.

Affiliate Offer Visibility Update - Sent to Partner when they have been moved from Approved or Rejected on the visibility of a Require Approval or Private Offer.

New Conversion/Event Registered - Sent to Partner when a conversion or event happens. Please reach out to Customer Success to have this feature enabled for your account.

Editing Email Templates

If you wish to edit a template, there are macros available on the right (the curly bracket icon) for added personalization.

**Please note that you can use HTML or plain text to edit. However, the email server will default to HTML delivery. If you want plain text format, you must delete all of the HTML.

Optional Email Integration

You may customize the Reply To Address, as well as the From Name and From Address used in your notifications by integrating with your Mandrill (Mailchimp) or SendGrid account. Navigate to Control Center - Integrations > Email and select your integration. For a more detailed guide - [Click Here]


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