This guide will help you customize your Everflow account and outline simple ways to brand your instance, including:


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Upload your own Logo/Favicon

Navigate to Control Center - Configuration > General tab - General Card - Edit. The logo will be displayed in the Login page, in the Advertiser and Partner Portals, as well as on sign up pages and invoices. You can update your favicon (the small icon displayed in a browser's tab) here as well.


Edit Color Scheme

You can edit the color scheme for  every element of your UI in Control Center > Configuration > UI Customization > Edit > Color tab. The color scheme chosen here will be displayed in the Login page, in the Advertiser and Partner Portals, and on sign up pages.

*Pro Tip: Keep Toggle Color on Green and Red to clearly see which features are enabled or disabled.


Custom Domains

By default, your Everflow instance is set up with three types of domains, all of which are customizable.

  • Tracking Domain - Used in Partner Tracking Links
  • Conversion Domain - Used in the Everflow Pixel/Postback URL where the Advertiser fires conversions
  • Login Domain - Used for the login page to your Everflow instance.

For a detailed guide to Domain Management - [Click Here].

Customize your Partner/Advertiser Sign Up Page

You can customize the form that Partners and Advertisers use to apply to your program.

For a detailed guide to customizing your Sign Up Page - [Click Here].


Customize Partner and Advertiser Settings

Key settings that can be customized in the Partner or Advertiser setup:

  • Default Notifications - Navigate to Control Center - Configuration > Default Notifications to configure which notifications are sent to different sets of users by default. Please note that once the user is created, they will be able to log in and customize their own notification settings.
  • Default Billing Settings - Navigate to Control Center - Configuration > Billing tab to configure the billing settings that are applied to newly created Partners and/or Advertisers. For a detailed guide - [Click Here].
  • Invoice Settings - Customize the information that will be displayed on invoices by navigating to Control Center - Configuration > Billing tab - General card.


Email Templates

The email notifications sent out regarding some of the actions associated with Offers, Partners, or Advertisers can be customized. Additionally, you can send these emails from a custom address instead of via integration with Sendgrid or Mandrill (Mailchimp).

For a detailed guide on creating email templates - [Click Here]


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