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Helpful Resources

To learn about Everflow Pay and its key capabilities, please click the "Everflow Pay Overview" button below.

If you would prefer to watch a demonstration video highlighting the main features of the Everflow Pay dashboard, please click the "Everflow Pay Dashboard Demo" button below.

Payment Information

Payment Methods Available Through Everflow Pay

Domestic ACH and Domestic Wire Transfer.

Authorized Payable Countries Through Everflow Pay

Currently USA only.

Authorized Currencies Payable With Everflow Pay

Currently USD only.

Penny Testing

Testing of funds sent to each affiliate/partner account for verification.

All Penny testing is paid by Everflow and will reference "Everflow Technologies", and will state "ACCTVERIFY" in the description.


Fees That Apply

Only Transaction Fees apply. No Platform fees.

Types of Transaction Fees and Their Cost

  • $3.00 USD per Domestic ACH Transaction.

  • $25.00 USD per Domestic Wire Transfer.

Who Pays the Fees

Fees can be pushed onto the Payee and taken out of the payment amount or paid by the Payer and extra funds will need to be deposited into the Everflow Pay account to cover transaction fees.

Fees can also be split, for example: ACH fees can be paid by the Payer and have Payees cover Wire fees.

How to Pay Account Fees

If the fees are being paid by the affiliate/partner (payee) the fee will be taken out of the payment sent.

If the payer is paying the fees they will be withdrawn from the Everflow Pay wallet.

Everflow Pay Payer Account Setup

How to Integrate Everflow Pay

Reach out to your AM or Everflow Pay Support at pay.help@everflow.io to let us know you are interested and to ask any questions.

If you are ready to Configure the Integration and Activate your Everflow Pay account follow the steps in this article:

**Special Note:

When setting up the recipient account The Company Owner/Account Main Contact is the "Beneficiary"

What to Do Once the Integration is Active

Once the Everflow Pay Integration is "Active" the Affiliates/Partners "Payment Method" needs to be set to "Everflow Pay" for them to be able to sign up and become payable.

Please see the article below for steps to change the payment method:

Once the Payment Method is set to Everflow Pay a banner will appear on the Affiliate's/Partner's login dashboard. Affiliates/Partners will click on the banner to input the needed payment/billing details.

**Special Note:

Affiliates/Partners will only be able to see both ACH and Wire payment options if their routing number provided allows for both ACH and Wire. This is determined by the affiliate/partner's bank.

Please see the article below for the partner's steps to complete their payee accounts:

Partner Notifications

Payment Executed and Invoice Available Email notifications and In-App notifications can be enabled to be sent to partners.

Funding Everflow Pay

Everflow Pay works as a wallet (bank account). At this point, you cannot fund the bank account via a credit card and there is no direct deposit pull to credit the account. The Everflow Pay account has a Routing and Account number that needs to be funded via Wire or ACH transfer.

**Special Note:

All deposits made to Everflow Pay accounts have a 72-hour hold.


There are Invoice/Payment reports available in both Everflow and Everflow Pay.

Within Everflow, Partner Invoice reports can be pulled within the Partner > Invoice section. Learn more about partner invoicing [Here].

Within Everflow Pay, Statements are available on the Dashboard and within your Company Details.


Included with your account, free of charge, Everflow Pay provides Tax TIN Verification, W9 Generation (without payee signatures), and Tax Preparation Reports at the end of the year. W9s and other tax documents are collected during the payee sign-up from affiliates/partners. Tax TIN Verification is automatically set up for all Payer accounts. W9 Generation can be turned on by:

1. Requesting this feature during your Everflow Pay Setup Call

2. Reaching out to your Account Manager or Pay.Help@everflow.io

All Tax Preparation reports are available for download within Everflow Pay at the beginning of each year for the year prior.

For an additional cost W9 Generation with Payee Signatures (Coming Soon), as well as 1099 Generation and Filing can be enabled. Please review the article below to learn more:

Payment and Payee Account Statuses

Payee Account Statuses

The payee Payable account status and Not Payable Reasons are visible within Everflow under the Affiliate/Partner General details and within Everflow Pay under the Payee details.

Not Payable Reasons and their Meanings

  • "Account vetting in process" - this is the initial status before anything else happens.

  • "Payee is in probation" - when created, payees go through a probation period of 48 hours. During this period, they cannot receive payments, regardless of whether they completed the penny test or not.

  • "Penny test not started" - The probation period is over, but the penny test has not been initiated.

  • "Penny test is pending" - The penny test is in progress, waiting either for the money to fall into the payee's account or waiting for the payee to input the penny test amount in the Everflow UI.

  • "Penny test is completed" - The penny test is completed.

  • "Penny test failed" - can be failed either because the transfer could not be made to their account, or because they input the wrong amount in the Everflow UI.

**Special Notes:

All statuses are updated live from Everflow Pay to Everflow.

Payees are not able to update banking details while a penny test is in progress.

Payment Statuses

  • "Require Approval" - Pending Payer's Approval.

  • "Pending" - Has been approved and is pending funds to be sent.

  • "Sent" - Payment has been sent and is in process.

  • "Rejected" - Payment has been Rejected, funds were not received by the Payee.

**Special Notes:

Payment statuses are visible within Everflow under the Status Column under Affiliate/Partner > Invoices and within Everflow Pay in the dashboard and transactions.

All statuses are updated live from Everflow Pay to Everflow.

Everflow Pay & Managed Payments

Managed Payments can be added as a stand-alone service with Everflow Pay.

Invoice Automation and Scheduling

Scheduling payments

As of now, Everflow Pay is only compatible with the Everflow Affiliate/Partner Invoicing System. There is no external invoice uploading or availability to add invoices within Everflow Pay.

Automating Payment Processing

You can automate payments on Everflow Pay by turning on Auto Invoicing and Auto Payments under Partner Billing settings within Everflow.

Please see the article below for steps to update these settings:

**Special Notes:

Although you can set Auto Invoicing and Auto payments there is a final approval step that needs to be completed in Everflow Pay to release payments.


Everflow Pay only integrates with Everflow. We do not currently have any external integrations, such as Quickbooks or NetSuite.


Visit the Everflow Pay information page, contact your Account Manager, or email the Customer Success team at pay.help@everflow.io for more info.

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